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Are you an employer?


With Blaise First Aid Training, you get the same course as you would from larger first aid organisations, a trainer with the same qualifications, and you’re awarded the same certificate at the end.


The difference?

Blaise First Aid Training is up to 50% cheaper as an independent company.


         Email Keri at to discuss which course is

                                most appropriate for your workplace needs.                                          


About Blaise First Aid Training


Think of first aid training like car insurance. You need to have it, just in case... but hopefully, you'll never need to use it! 

At Blaise First aid, I believe that first aid training should be readily available and affordable to everyone.


Blaise First Aid Training was started by myself,  Keri Lane, an experienced and qualified trainer and assessor back in 2015. All courses are delivered, evaluated and quality assured to meet the HSE requirements of the FAW (First Aid) regulations 1981/2016.

Blaise First Aid Training is a mobile service where I come to you, anywhere in South Wales and the surrounding areas, to deliver your first aid training, at a time and place convenient to you. 

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